There are many different music exams that can be undertaken with various music schools and leading boards, those listed below are the most popular and well known that provide students with the best opportunities to develop and hone in their skills.  The main music boards and colleges offer diploma qualifications and individual music performances.  There are a vast number of diplomas available, so care should be taken with regards to which is relevant to a student.


Origin: London, England | Founded: 1889


The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music are the largest body of music education, music publishing and the world’s leading provider of music exams in the UK.  This comes as no surprise, as they offer and provide the necessary resources to encourage the learning and development of music.  Music exams that are available are graded along with assessments that are undertaken to fully unlock the potential of students and learners.






Origin: London, England | Founded: 1887


The London College of Music Examinations is a specialist music and performing arts organisation, that offer graded and diploma qualifications in music.  This is also a college that allows students to enhance their capabilities in music and to do so with the relevant qualifications.  The LCM syllabus ensures that students perform at least ONE musical piece from the standard set publication for their exam.  LCM exams are more suited for classical pieces including classical guitar and classical singing.





Trinity (

Origin: London, England | Founded: 1877


Trinity College London is yet another international exam board that also offers graded music exams and music assessments for students.  Trinity College London music syllabus assesses the performance and technical skills of a student, providing a mark scheme that awards a higher proportion of marks to this specific area.  This College is also best known for its various ranges of musical styles, particularly in classical and jazz performance and theory.





Rockschool Ltd (

Origin: London, England | Founded: 1991


Another exam board that offers graded music exams for contemporary music.  Rockschool Ltd offer university level diploma qualifications, much like LCM and ABRSM examination boards.  The syllabus for students ensures that they are able to enjoy learning music without having to play classical pieces.  Rockschool Ltd musical styles and qualifications are specifically designed for contemporary artists.





Guildhall School of Music & Drama (

Origin: London, England | Founded: 1880


A school that specialises in music and dramatic arts.  The school is predominately involved in technical theatre, professional development and music therapy.  The programmes available specialise in the study of classical music and performance without the commitment of being enrolled in a full degree programme.