P.B.E.S™ Music Lessons

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  Pop Piano Improvisation Course

  Jazz Piano Improvisation Course

  Pop Piano Junior Course

  Pop Vocal Course

Play by Ear Music School is known for more than a decade of fervent dedication to contemporary Pop and Jazz music lessons for adults, teens and children of all musical abilities, even complete beginners. Our courses include Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Pop Vocals, and Pop Piano Junior. It doesn’t matter if you are a classical pianist, a closet singer or a complete music  beginner, Play By Ear welcomes you. Our courses focus on improvisation; lessons are based on our internationally renowned teaching methodology – P.B.E.Syllabus™. (which can be tailored to your needs) or completely customised upon request.

All lessons are conducted one-on-one physically at our school or ONLINE via Zoom or Skype (with the exception of group classes for PBE workshops). Students commit to one fixed regular weekly lesson. Each lesson is 45mins duration. Students can choose their preferred lesson timing (depending on availability). Our lesson slots are from 1130am – 915pm (weekdays) and 11am – 5pm (weekends). Students may postpone their classes (applicable only for one-on-one lessons) with 3 days advanced notice. All new Play By Ear students will receive the P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook for their current level, for free. As students progress to the subsequent levels, the Corresponding P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook will be provided as well. Students do NOT need to take and pass the exams in order to move on to the next subsequent levels. Their assigned instructors will evaluate and provide self assessment.