Keyboard lessons
for adults

Our keyboard lessons for adults are suitable for students who want to learn the casual (express) way of playing music on a keyboard as suppose to piano playing. You will learn a wide range of keyboard playing techniques and functions of the keyboard such as automated bass and drum pattern rhythms and emulating different lead instruments (.e.g. saxophone, organ, strings, etc) in different genres. Keyboarding is used mainly in ‘one-man band’ setting’. The term ‘keyboard’ is vaguely used in Singapore, most people actually meant Pop Piano instead.  Click here to learn more about our Pop Piano Course instead.

Keyboard lessons for adults (administrative information):

Course title: P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard Course (for adults)
Mode of coaching: one-on-one lessons (individual)
Age group: for Adults and Teens
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Lessons frequency: 1 lesson per week
Prerequisite: Zero music background
Available levels: P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard
Monthly fees: $180

The entire course can also be fully customized upon request (without following the P.B.E.Syllabus™) In addition, when you enroll for the Pop Keyboard, you will receive the following incentives, exclusive to PBE students:

a) P.B.E.S™ Student Edition Textbook
b) P.B.E.S™ Song Excerpts Black Booklet
c) Login ID and Password for P.B.E.I.S™ Online Student Portal
d) Whatsapp Newsfeed & admission to PBE Club where you can enjoy free usage our practice studios, free scores transcribing, discounts on musical instruments & more

Pop Keyboard P.B.E.Syllabus™

P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard I

Syllabus content for Pop Keyboard I

(in conjunction with P.B.E.Syllabus™)

Subject K:1 | Single note melody playing

Subject K:2 | Basic music theory

Subject: K:3 | Note reading

Subject: K:4 | Keys and scales

Subject: K:5 | Posture & fingerings

Subject: K:6 | Chord formation

Subject K:7 | Sustain pedaling

Subject K:8 | Basic coordination skills

Subject K:9 | Finger independence

Subject K:10 | 2 hands playing with root note

Subject K:11 | 2 hands playing with block chord

Subject K:12 | Basic rhythm training

Subject K:13 | Common Pop chord progressions

Objectives for P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard:

  • The Pop keyboard course focus primarily on the practical playing aspect
  • using single note melody and finger chord mode
  • as well as the technical functions of a music keyboard/arranger keyboard

Prerequisite for P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard:

  • Zero music background

P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard II

Syllabus content for Pop Keyboard II

(in conjunction with P.B.E.Syllabus™)

Subject K:14 | Introduction to keyboards

Subject K:15 | Key transposing

Subject: K:16 | Layering and splitting

Subject: K:17 | Movable Doh technique

Subject: K:18 | Using styles (drum rhythms)

Subject: K:19 | Drum fills

Subject K:20 | Voice and style editing

Subject K:21 | Pitch bend and modulation wheel

Subject K:22 | Auto accompaniment

Subject K:23 | Finger mode - Single finger

Subject K:24 | Finger mode - Multi finger

Subject K:25 | Editing finger mode

Subject K:26 | Real time recording

Duration for P.B.E.S™ Pop Keyboard:

Between 12-24 months (depending on individual's progress)

Keyboard lessons VS piano lessons?

The term musical keyboard is used to describe practically any object that is in-corp orated with the typical black and white musical keys. Technically, a keyboard instrument can be an acoustic piano, an organ, a synthesizer, a harpsichord, a digital or electronic piano, etc. However, when you use the term ‘keyboard’ solely, it usually refers to the portable range digital keyboards with in-built speakers and functions for massive accompaniment styles and instruments (voices).

The following product series are examples of keyboard:
Yamaha PSR-273 / PSR-373 / PSR-EW300 / PSR-EW310 / PSR-E463 / PSR-I400 / PSR-EW410 / EZ-300 / PSR-SX600 / PSR-SX700 / PSR-SX900
Casio CT-X800/ CT-X700 / CTK-240 / WK-240 / CTK-3500 / CTK-2550 / CTK-2500 / CTK-1550 / CTK-1500 / CT-X5000 / LK-280 / LK-265 / LK-190 / LK-136 / LK-135
CT-S300 / CT-S200 / CT-S100 / LK-S250 / CT-S300 / CT-S200 / CT-S100 / LK-S250
Roland E-X30 / E-X20A / E-X20 / E-A7 / E-09 / BK-5 / BK-3

Our Keyboard lessons:
1) You will learn mainly how to play with single right hand melody emulating different instruments on the keyboard such as saxophone, strings, organ, lead sounds, etc.
2) You will learn mainly how to use the auto accompaniment styles (one-man band function) – with single left hand playing to simulate different chords.

Our Piano lessons:
1) You will learn how to play and improvise on the piano with 2 hands. Your left hand will play chord patterns while your right hand will either play the melody with harmonies or fill-ins (in a solo playing context). All of which are ‘actual playing’ instead of pressing buttons to execute auto-simulations such as the auto rhythm and the auto fill-in functions in a keyboard.
2) You will learn a wide wide of pop genres (usually beginning with pop ballads)

*If you are interested in our Pop Piano lessons instead, click here*

How are our keyboard lessons different from other music schools?

keyboard lessons - practise rooms

Free practice studios for active PBE students **No booking required**

As an enrolled PBE student, you are entitled to use our practice area, furnished with digital keyboards and individual lamps dedicated, for personalized enclosure. We provide complimentary earphones as well.
keyboard lessons - keyboard teachers

We testify as a team of teachers with no attitude issues, during keyboard lessons

The truth is that musicians are infamous for their eccentricity. We like to highlight that this is not an excuse for musicians to exhibit any sort of attitude. As musicians, our dream is to impart our knowledge and cultivate it.
keyboard lessons - school

During your keyboard lessons, you have the liberty to change your teacher if necessary

From our list of teachers, we will recommend and assign the most suitable teacher for your keyboard lessons. You are allowed to switch your teacher should things not work out as well. Above all, this is one of the benefits of joining a music school as you are not confined to one teacher.
keyboard lessons - pop songs

Play Pop songs, not nursery rhymes like
'Mary had a little Lamb'

Our library contains 2000 over fake sheets which are suitable for learning. If there is a song unlisted in our library, you can request and we can transcribe for you with no fee. All songs are strictly for educational purposes only. Learn more

keyboard lessons - music business

Hollow prosperity do NOT motivate us.
Money isn’t our passion.

Since 2003, the culture of our school is everything about music, not money-making. Although we understand the basic principles of running a business, hollow prosperity does not motivate us. You will never be made to purchase any instruments., score sheets, or anything of that sort.
keyboard lessons - performing in Japan

Invitation to perform at our annual student recitals: locally or in Shinagawa (Japan)

Every year, there are 2 annual student recital concerts. One is held in Singapore and the other is held in Shinagawa (Japan) – 5 Chome – 18 – 1 Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo-to 140 – 0011. We showcase our students of different levels, even complete beginners.

Local & International celebrities / guest artistes / music collaborators

For the most part, PBE was never a ‘star-struck’ music school or at least our culture was never about grooming students to be artistes but rather hobbyist musicians. Nevertheless, our brand identity has attracted local celebrities (Chen Xiuhuan, Jeremy Chan, Maxi Lim, Sora Ma, Zhang ZhenHuan) to learn from us and we are really very honored.
We also like to take the opportunity to thank all of our PBE guest artistes and music collaborators we have worked with since 2003.
FAQ about time slots:

Please whatsapp us at 91798110, as our schedule changes every other day.

1130am & 83opm for weekdays and 11am & 415pm for weekends

When you postpone a lesson, you gain a makeup lesson which has a 1 year expiry. In brief, you need to give 3 days advanced notice and 1 day advanced notice for peak and off peak lessons respectively.

You may sign up online or at our school physically or via whatsapp at 91798110.

Send us an email, we should be able to work out something for you.

Per month $180. Based on 4 lessons (per month) Each lesson is 1to1. 45mins.

You may purchase a one-time lesson of $65 (trial lesson)

Other FAQ:

For the most part, yes it is OK. In fact, once you are a registered student, you are able to use our practice rooms (with pianos) for free.

Our materials are not for sale to the general public.

In brief, yes. Half the student population of our school are adults with zero music background.

It does not matter which part of the month you register and commence your first lesson, as school fees will be fairly prorated accordingly.

During keyboard lessons, you learn more about the technical aspects of the music keyboard. Whereas for pop piano, you learn the ‘proper’ way to play and improvise on the piano. To understand better, click here to learn more about our Pop Piano course

Yes, you can purchase a one-time lesson at $65 (45mins duration)



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