CASIO Digital Pianos

Introducing Casio digital pianos with their latest technology. Since the 18th Century, the piano is recognized for its versatility in artistic expression. Its classic design has endured, while also improving through the ages. Casio respects traditions while marrying it with their technological expertise. Their vision is to provide for players of all environments, inspired by a spectrum of musicians with varying demands.

Casio Digital Pianos products catalogue

casio digital pianos

Authorised dealer in Singapore for Casio digital pianos

Play By Ear Music School (Singapore) is the authorised local dealer for Casio. All products are certified brand new and comes with 1 year standard warranty in Singapore. Come to our music showroom and compare the different models from the various models and brands displayed in our modest showroom. Our Play By Ear pledge and promise – that our public prices will match any prices or lower than anywhere else in Singapore. We also give additional special discounts to Play By Ear students for selected models.

A home digital pianos are for everyone

Whether you are an amateur looking to for a first piano, or a professional looking for an acoustic replacement, Casio got you covered. Their technological and manufacturing expertise, allows them to manufacture high quality digital pianos are affordable prices for the masses. A prime example would be the Casio Privia PX-S1000 digital piano, a slim yet feature rich digital piano with full hammer graded weights.

How does Casio compare with other brands?

Casio focuses on technology, whether it is implementing it in their latest products or optimising their manufacturing process to make their pianos affordable for all. Other brands might take months or years to implement or upgrade their products with the latest technological innovations.

Typically, you need to pay a lot less for Casio digital pianos to get the same technological features compared with other brands.