Kawai Digital Pianos and Keyboards

Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory was founded in 1927 with a goal dream to build the world finest piano.

With their use of manufacturing technologies and alternative materials, Kawai pianos are known throughout the globe for high quality Japanese pianos.

Kawai makes one of the highest quality digital pianos with great tone and authentic touch. All thanks to over 70 years of piano making under their belt.

Check out the popular Kawai ES110 and Kawai ES8 portable digital pianos.

Kawai Digital Pianos products catalogue

If you want a true piano experience, you simply cannot go wrong with Kawai.

Reseller for Kawai digital pianos Singapore

Play By Ear Music School (Singapore) is a reseller for Kawai digital pianos and keyboards. All products are certified brand new and comes with 1 year standard warranty. Come to our music showroom and compare the different models from the various models and brands displayed in our modest showroom. Our Play By Ear pledge and promise – that our public prices will match any prices or lower than anywhere else in Singapore.

Focused on music

How does Kawai digital pianos compare with other brands?

Other brands may have their time and attention divided between several instruments or products. But Kawai focuses on producing high quality acoustic and digital pianos and nothing else. As a result, their GrandFeel and Responsive Hammer touch action are one of the most realistic digital piano actions out there.

In addition to that, their new hybrid piano, the Novus, is the only digital piano in the market with an authentic damper pedal to mimic the nuances of an acoustic instrument.