21 Dec 2015 - PBE Staff dinner 2015

Venue: Shish Mahal (North Indian & Nepalese Cuisine) 180 Albert Street, Village Hotel Albert Court, S189971 | Prizes 1) Santa Claus hat from charity organization, 2) Key chain from Louis Vuitton, 3) Speaker system from BOSE, 4) Perfume Christmas set from Hermes, 5) Earphones from Marshall, 6) Bath Christmas set from Crabtree and Evelyn, 7) Card holder from Ferrari, 8) Foot spa set from SPA Ceylon, 9) Watch from Swatch, 10) Luxury towel from Christy, 11) Bath set from Loccitane, 12) Coffee cups from Nespresso, 13) Limited CD set by Bryan Adams, 14) Soaps from LUSH, 15) Candles from Yankees Candles and more...

25 April 2015 - Steinway Serenade Recital

We hosted our 15th piano recital for our students at the new Steinway Serenade, an acoustically treated auditorium located near to the main Steinway Gallery showroom in Palais Renaissance. The event was advertised on papers and the audience turn up exceeded both the expectations and the capacity of the auditorium! Fourteen student performers have entertained the attentive audience that had loved every single player.

28 March 2015 - Midori Ishida

We are proud to present Midori Ishida, our Chief Instructor for PBE Japan, stationed at Shinagawa, in the very heart of Tokyo. Midori is a highly versatile and experienced jazz pianist skilled in all other genres just as much as in her primary one. She is classically trained, having graduated from the UK’s Trinity College in London with grade 8 distinction level. Her performing experience includes shows across the UK both as a solo player and with band settings, as well as currently being a touring keyboard player in Tokyo. Click here ► for more information about Midori Ishida

22 Feb 2014 - Akane Doi and Takayuki Nishimura

PBE is honored to reveal the collaboration with two exceptional Japanese musicians for our PBE Japan artist network partnership – Akane Doi, a dazzling new-age pianist who recently released her 5th studio album, and Takayuki Nishimura, a fusion saxophonist well known for his melodic Jazz compositions. Click here ► to watch Akane Doi & Takayuki Nishimura's performance

25 Feb 2015 - Takahiro Shirai

Introducing Takahiro Shirai, a contemporary trumpeter of an astonishing virtue. Takahiro is a highly talented performer who insists on using his $20 second hand junk trumpet that he once bought in China. He has used this trumpet for hundreds of performances so far, bringing out a certain aspect of modesty and dedication to his playing. His performances bring out the soul of every note as they come together and show you that he is an artist true to his art and form. Click here ► to watch Takahiro Shirai's performance

01 Feb 2015 - Chinese New Year Video

As a part of a PBE promotional campaign, a Chinese New Year celebration video was released recently. It features Samantha Lee, a vocalist known for her soulful tone and a mellow approach, singing a bossa nova rendition of a traditional Chinese New Year song – Gong Xi Gong Xi. The video is designed in a split-screen style, featuring Samantha’s vocal performance in the top part of the screen, and the keyboard in the bottom part. The promotional video was a success, reaching out to more than 120,000 people across the social media in a few days. Click here ► to watch Samantha Lee's performance Click here ► to watch Samantha Lee's performance

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