Nord Digital Stage Pianos and Keyboards

Founded in 1983, Clavia Digital Musical Instruments is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality virtual analog synthesizers virtual electromechanical, and digital stage pianos.

In 1995, Clavia released the Nord Lead, a virtual analog synthesizer that popularised the sound of virtual analog synthesizers. 

With the popularity, Clavia keyboards have been branded Nord since then and produces a variety of quality digital pianos and keyboards for stage use.

Check out the popular Nord Stage 3 88.

Nord Stage Pianos products catalogue

Authorised dealer in Singapore for Nord digital pianos

Play By Ear Music School (Singapore) is the authorised local dealer for Nord digital stage pianos and keyboards. All products are certified brand new and comes with 1 year standard warranty in Singapore. Come to our music showroom and compare the different models from the various models and brands displayed in our modest showroom. Our Play By Ear pledge and promise – that our public prices will match any prices or lower than anywhere else in Singapore.

Take control with the Nord Stage pianos

Take control of your music with Nord stage pianos. Since the release of their first virtual analog synthesizer, the Nord Lead, Nord pianos typically features a large variety of parameters to tweak along with the easily accessible dials and knobs to adjust those parameters. That way, you can craft your perfect sound like no other piano can.

Whether you are part of a small Singapore band or a musician on a world tour, the Nord stage pianos will never fail to deliever your performance on the stage.

How does Nord stage pianos compare with other brands?

Nord’s expertise in producing a great combo stage piano is unparalleled thanks to great amount of quality patches to choose from and tweak to your desire. Their Fatar actions might not appeal to the piano purists since it has to facalitate organ and snyth playing. Do note that stage pianos typically do not have on-board speakers and you will need to have a sound system to connect with if you opt to play at home.

If you are an aspiring musician looking for a budget friendly instrument, Nord does not have any. In that case, you might want to look at some Yamaha, Casio, Roland, and other digital or stage pianos.