Fake sheets request

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A fake sheet is basically a music score consisting of only the single note Melody and Chords. It is used by musicians to improvise. Please use the link HERE (on the left for desktop or bottom for mobile)

Please take note:

This page is strictly only for current PBE students. All fake sheets are manually simplified for conducive learning. All fake sheets are strictly for educational use and not for sale. The scores are only excerpts of the full song. If you require the full score, (with intro, bridge, outro, etc), you may purchase from Hal Leonard.

The fake sheets do not contain lyrics and original song arrangements. PBE students are encouraged to improvise with their own interpretations.

The songs are categorize into different playing levels (EASY, MEDIUM, DIFFICULTY and VERY DIFFICULT) based solely on the melody’s rhythmic complexity. As such, if you are attempting to play in comping style (accompaniment style), every song can be regarded as EASY or MEDIUM.

If you like to request a song that is not listed in our library, you may submit your details below: