School Policies

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Postponing of regular lessons (advance notice required: 3 days for peak slots, 24 hours for off peak slots) | Students are only allowed to postpone their regular lessons or book their makeup lessons through the APP:

Students should never postpone or arrange any lessons administratively with their respective instructors. Only when a regular lesson is successfully postponed with ample notice (3 days for peak slots, 1 day for off peak slots), a makeup lesson credit will be credited accordingly. To voluntary temporary suspend or terminate the course, students are required to give an advanced notice to the school. It will be 1 month for peak hour slots  and off peak slots. There is a 2 months minimum sign up period for new students. Failing to follow the policies, the school reserves all rights to forfeit the refundable deposit paid during enrollment.

Regular lessons vs makeup lessons

Regular lessons are fixed on a weekly basis. For example, if the regular slot is Tuesday 7pm, the lessons will fall on every Tuesday 7pm by default. The monthly school fees are fixed for either 4 regular lessons or 5 regular lessons (depending on the particular month). When a lesson is postponed successfully, a makeup lesson will be credited to the student’s account. The credited makeup lesson cannot be ‘cash-back’ or use to ‘off-set’ for the next month’s school fees. In other words, makeup lessons cannot be booked during the regular slot or replace any of the regular lessons.

There are many alternative ways to utilized the makeup lessons (if any), such as booking on an alternative date, a back to back lesson within the same day, a regular and a makeup lesson separated within a week, or converting the makeup lessons for PBE workshops, or simply holding on to the makeup lessons till a much later date even after course termination. The validity of makeup lessons (or any unconsumed or previously paid lesson credits) is 6months from the date the makeup lesson was credited or purchased.

Unable to attend lessons due to medical reasons

Students who are able to produce an Medical Certificate for the day of the missed lesson will be given a makeup lesson in return. The school understands that the student might not have seen a doctor and was indeed sick. However, our school requires proper documentation and accounting. We appreciate the student’s understanding as it is the only exception the school can make, should a lesson be postponed without a 3 days’ advanced notice (or 24 hours for off peak slots).

Payment of School fees

Payment of school fees are to be made before the month begins. For example if the student is making payment for October fees, the student has to pay before October begins. The full monthly school fees are fixed on a monthly basis, not calculated based on individual’s lesson attendance.

School policies for PBE workshops

All lesson schedules are fixed and they are unable to re-arranged or postponed due to administrative reasons. Unused workshops cannot be refunded, exchanged or re-arranged to another day. The school reserves all rights to cancel any workshop should there be insufficient participants. Only in such an event, the school will honour a full refund to the customer should any amount was paid prior course or workshop commencement.

Updated: 20/3/2020