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The history of Galanti accordions began in the 19th century and tells a story of a family whose name is synonymous with music – producing musical instruments that for more than a century have spread the name from Mondaino throughout the world. 

In just a few years came the first patents in the United States, bringing new technical and aesthetic improvements. The marketing was particularly aided during the Thirties when the Galanti instruments were selected by the world’s best accordion players as well as Paulette Goddard – one of the first major movie stars and wife of Charlie Chaplin.

With the beginning of the 21st century and heightened global competition, the company faced a new challenge, responding with an innovative sound-generation technology based on physical modeling –  offering electronic musical instruments with exclusive performance advantages.

How does Viscount pianos compare with other brands?

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Play By Ear Music School (Singapore) is the authorised local dealer for Viscount Digital Pianos. All products are certified brand new and comes with 1 year standard warranty in Singapore. Come to our music showroom and compare the different models from the various models and brands displayed in our modest showroom. Our Play By Ear pledge and promise – that our public prices will match any prices or lower than anywhere else in Singapore.

Physical sound modelling

Physis technology, is our latest attempt to revolution the classic organ market, showing it’s time to change the old PCM sound generation paradigm. A sampled note will always sound unnatural, no matter how many tricks you use to resemble a real pipe organ. Physis technology, calculates instead, in real-time the physics of a flue, reed or bourdon pipe. The result is a living organ, changing in real time, resembling the organ you prefer, or creating a new sound. Let’s explain this with a few examples. What if a GPS navigator had to know every possible route instead of calculating it for you in real-time? What if we had to film the Titanic sinking instead of calculating and rendering the scene with computer-graphics? What if we had no physical models to forecast the weather? Physis technology is the answer to all these questions. Physis technology is our implementation of physical modeling applied to organ pipes, something no one has ever tried before. It is the culmination of years of technological evolution. 

There is no comparison. Viscount pianos are one of a kind.

The next closest thing in sound design would be Roland‘s sound modelling technology.