Someone you loved (Piano chords)

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In this lesson, we will explore the piano chords for ‘Someone you loved’ by Lewis Capaldi. We will only demonstrate in comping style, meaning ‘play and sing’ style’. The key signature of ‘Someone you loved’ is unfortunately in C# major, which means, you will have plenty of accidentals. But fortunately, there are only 4 chords (with the exception of D#m during the bridge). So we will still attempt to play in the original key in this lesson.


These are the 4 chords:

C# | G# | A#m | F#


And here are the chord inversions use as per in the original mix.


The playing style is pretty straightforward. For your right hand, you use primarily broken chord style and omit the centre chord note, leaving just 2 notes to alternate with.  For your left hand, it can be as simple as holding the root note for each bar.

Once you are able to do as above, try to improvise a little. Although it is not as per according to the original arrangement, it will help you to remember these chords easier and make you a better musician.