Effective date: 1st January 2016
Updated: 30th September 2019
This Exchange & Refund policy (the “Policy”) applies to all of the students which are currently enrolled, or have previously been enrolled within Play by Ear School (the “Student(s)”, “you”) and customers who had purchased products from us. The Policy enters into force as of the effective date stated above, and any other existing policy on that day will cease to be valid. Play by Ear School reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, modify or replace this Policy at any time.
Please review this section from time to time to be aware of the current version of the Policy.

By continuing to use our classes after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Policy.
Please review the following policies which apply for the usage of our lesson. If you have any questions you can email us at

1. No refunds or redeeming for unused (make-up or regular) lessons

  1. Due to the nature of our business, all lesson sales are final.
  2. We do not offer or issue refunds.
  3. We do not allow for the paid lessons, or lessons accumulated otherwise, to be redeemed (to exchange them for money or other products and services).

2. Matters regarding 'Refundable' school deposits

  1. All the deposits made with the Play by Ear School can be redeemed within 5 years after a student quits the School.
    1. Deposits not collected within this time frame will be considered forfeited.
  2. Please note that the ‘refundable school deposits’ will only be valid for refund if the student give ample notice before terminating.
    1. Ample notice will be 1 month for peak hour slots and 24 hours for off peak slots.
      1. Off peak slots: Weekdays 1130 – 1815
      2. Peak slots: Weekdays 1815 – 2115, Weekends 1100 – 1700
  3. By definition, giving an advanced notice means to inform the school through proper official channels (Whatsapp, phone, email, directly to the counter) for the time stated and continuing to pay for any remaining lessons within that period.
  4. By failing to provide ample notice before termination, the school reserves all rights to forfeit the refundable deposit paid during enrolment.
  5. By terminating before the two months minimum sign-up period, the refundable deposit may be partially or fully forfeited.
  6. ‘Voluntary’ or ‘temporary’ suspension carries the same meaning as termination.
    1. To temporarily suspend regular weekly lessons, students are also required to provide ample notice and the school reserves all rights to forfeit the refundable deposit paid during enrolment if the student fails to provide ample notice.

3. Exchange or Refunds for products purchased at Play By Ear

  1. In an event you made a purchase for any item (such as a Digital Piano) that has no stock, we will offer a full refund.
  2. Upon receiving the product physically, we are unable to provide any refund.
  3. An exchange is only possible should the product is faulty due to manufacture fault.
    1. Any concern should be raised within 3 days upon receiving the product physically. All exchanges are done by the product manufacturers at their sole discretions.
Play by Ear Music School reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this Statement at any time as Play by Ear Music School deems necessary without prior notice, and users are strongly advised to review this link frequently.