9 July 2016 - Maxi Lim came for a trial lesson!

We had a surprise when none other than Recruit Aloysious "Wayang King" Jin himself, Maxi Lim popped by our Bugis Branch for a trial lesson with us. We couldn't help but snap pictures with him. If you have watched the Ah Boys To Men franchise, you would already know that this guy has some really serious acting chops!

Click here ► for his official page
28 Oct 2016 - Chen Xiuhuan 陈秀环

It is such an honor to have had Chen Xiuhuan enroll her 3 lovely children with us at PBE (Bugis). A veteran in the local media industry, she gained tremendous popularity in the 80s and 90s alongside the "Queens of Mediacorp", Zoey Tay And Fann Wong. Starring in over 30 dramas over the course of her impressive career, she is best known for her role in the local drama, "Star Maiden" in 1988. In 1997 she left the entertainment industry to take up another role, A loving mother and wife. Recently she graced the Singapore screens once more in the local movie, "Lucky Boy" starring Wang Wei Liang and Chew Chor Meng.

PBE eccentric video #028

The final cut was rendered with a monochrome palette of a limited number of shades, depicting a lithe ballerina en pointe shredding her toe shoes as a young virtuoso on electric guitar makes evident his finely tuned mastery. The theory of conflict applies to how two contrasting elements–the soft and the forceful–is evident in this video-graphical presentation, setting no boundaries, rules or limits in the art of fusion. Click here ► to watch video

26 Jan 2016 | The PBE Teddy Bear (Made in Japan) | PBE (Play by Ear)

in collaboration with Japan’s top teddy bear artist- Terumi Yoshikawa

While PBE, founded in 2003, is primarily a contemporary music school, we have always been pleased to associate our brand identity with all forms of art because it enhances and harmonizes with our musicality, our teaching methodology and our eccentric style of free expression. This year, we are pleased to collaborate with Terumi Yoshikawa, arguably Japan’s foremost artist in the teddy bear industry, on the PBE Teddy Bear. Terumi’s works of art are archived in the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris as well as the Teddy Bear Museums in America, Switzerland and Korea. In three consecutive years between 2009 and 2011, Terumi received the Golden Teddy Award in Germany for some of her most notable works which include the ‘Masako -雅子様ベア’ and the ‘Takashimiya Princess Aiko-敬宮愛子さま’

“My task was to create a handmade, original, one-off, made-in-Japan Teddy bear using an exotic type of leather which they proposed. It poses a problem because the leather moves around and stretches when sewing. It was tough, a challenge but an exhilarating one that inspired my creativity. I enjoyed the working process because of their direction, their obvious joy, and their devotion to the project. I was encouraged by their enthusiasm and appreciation.” – Terumi Yoshikawa

“Expression is what keeps all artists driven. Whether one is a painter, a musician or a sculptor, all artists have common need: the freedom to express pride and passion. If you put the money-making process as your first priority, the resulting product, while it may exhibit technique, will never be true art, art with imagery and without boundaries." – PBE Founder

6 Feb 2016 | Hypolydian Part B

Jubilee Hall (Raffles Hotel)
Featuring PBE students & Instructors

Click here ► to watch PBE student - Dhaniah's performance
  • Koh Yong Chun
  • Raphael William Graeme
  • Mark Chan
  • Alice Lee Jung Hyun
  • Eline Karen Roejkjaer
  • Hui Shan
  • Roy Toh
  • Dhaniah
  • Russell Donald Graeme
  • Evon Liu
  • Rene Lee Jia Yi
  • Matthew Ng
  • Jason Limanjaya
  • Melvin Chan
  • Roxanne Heng
  • Ze Wen Seah
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