16 December 2008 - International Music Exchange with Baron Music School

PBE traveled to Hong Kong for a musical exchange with BARON school of music, a established specialised school in contemporary music for all instrunments. Very impressive. Their school director is Roland Ng, a very young chap. The school has close to 70 professional musicians including local stars like Nancy Loo, Norman Lee, Linxi, Peter Kam, Steven Ip, and Victor Tse. Definitely an eye opener.

18 December 2010 - The final 7th LYDIAN concert

Venue: Jubilee Hall Raffles Hotel (1 Beach Road Singapore 189673)

Past concerts:

  • 6th LOCRIAN - 19 Dec 2009
  • 5th DORIAN - 13 Dec 2008
  • 4th PHRYGIAN - 1 Dec 2007
  • 3rd AEOLIAN - 30 Dec 2006
  • 2nd MIXOLYDIAN - 1 Apr 2006
  • 1st CONCERT - 7 Dec 2005
7 October 2006 - Play by Ear Music Clinics

PLAY BY EAR introduced Music Clinics in 2006. We invited local superstars to our masterclass studio to conduct music clinics for our PBE students.

The hall of fame:

  • Nick Lim - 9 Mar 2009 (Local song writer and arranger/keyboardist/pianist for SBC & TCS)
  • Aya Sekine - 16 Dec 2006 (Legendary Japanese Jazz Pianist)
  • Mario Serio - 13 Oct 2006 (Consummate European Jazz Pianist)
  • Christine Sham - 7 Oct 2006 (Touring keyboardist for Sun Yan Zi, Ah-Mei, Vivian Chow, etc)
23 April 2009 - PBE D&D for 2009

Venue: OOSH @ 22 Dempsey Road Singapore 249679

Fantastic food. Great ambience. Expensive. But all worth it.

19 December 2010 - PBE year end INCENTIVE TRIP to Indonesia (Bali 3D2N)

Finally a break after a year of teaching. A place to do absolutely nothing and relax. Delectable food and friendly people around.

04 December 2007 - International Exchange Program with Taiwan

Our team of instructors from Play By Ear visited JP MUSIC (Taipei's most established Pop - Jazz Piano school, with more than 5 branches in Taiwan) The trip was absolutely fulfilling, truly inspiring to all of us and we have learned a great deal from them.

20 October 2004 - First Published PBE Teaching Syllabus

The above is the holy grail of PLAY BY EAR, the very 1st edition of "How to play Pop Piano by Ear" (80pages including Audio CD) published by PLAY BY EAR on 20 Oct 2004.

2005 - 2nd edition of "HOW TO PLAY POP PIANO BY EAR" (Includes MIDI disk) (168 pages)
2006 - 3rd edition of "Pop Piano Improvisation Course Book" (172 pages)
2007 - 4th edition of "Pop Piano Improvisation Course Book - student's edition" (231 pages)
2008 - 5th edition of "Pop&Jazz Piano Improvisation Course Book" (Level 1 to Jazz - 365 pages)
2009 - 6th edition of "P.B.E.S PLAY BY EAR SYLLABUS" (Level 1 to Jazz - 425 pages)



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