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Trial lesson Registration

This is the registration form for a trial one-to-one music lesson at Play By Ear Music School (Singapore). Please note, this is not available for overseas students (via Zoom)

Please fill up the form with the necessary information. The total cost for a 45 minutes one-to-one session will be S$72.00 which cannot also be used to ‘offset’ any regular or administrative fees upon registration. The trial lesson is a one-off.

In an event if there is no suitable time slot for you, we will do a full refund to you via Paynow within 1-2 working days. In the message box, indicate the preferred time/day slots for your trial. For example, weekdays 2-5pm, weekday nights, weekends 1-4pm, etc.   Do keep in mind, that you want your trial lesson slot to be the same slot should you like to signup eventually, as the day/time slot that you pick (that we will assign to you) will determine the instructor who will be conducting your  lesson(s).

Note: It is very important that you select your appropriate musical level. If you are unsure, use the self-assessment link on the left. 

The following terms and conditions should you sign up after the trial lesson:

It is important that you have read and fully understand and agree to our school policies before you enroll in our school.

1. Upon choosing a fixed slot, your lessons will be on-going. For example, if you choose Wed 7pm, your lessons will be every Wed 7pm by default with a fixed assigned instructor.

2. NEVER postpone or book any lessons via your instructor. Instead, use the student portal –

3. To postpone your lessons, you would need to notify us at least 3 days in advance for peak hour slots and 24 hours for off-peak slots. A makeup lesson will be credited to you, which you may utilise it within 1 year. If you are sick however, a MC may be submitted to claim a complimentary makeup lesson.

3.Makeup lessons are kept at a maximum of 10 at any one time. All makeup lessons are valid for only 1 year.

4. Makeup lessons cannot be booked during the regular slot. In other words, makeup lessons cannot replace any of your regular lessons. Makeup lessons cannot be use to ‘offset’ as payment for your next monthly school fees.

5. If you need to terminate or suspend your course, you have to notify the school 4 weeks in advance before your last lesson for peak hour slots and 24 hours for off-peak slots.